Stamping Foil
Stamping Foil
In the past we only imported the hot stamping foil from Japan and Korea.
Due to high demanding and varieties of hot stamping foils Trio has to import the hot stamping foils from many countries.
We can say that no one is perfect.

That's why Trio has to import the best foil from many places.
We chose the best product from many suppliers in the world to support the Thailand demanding.

Nowadays Trio is importing the product from Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Republic of China, USA , Canada, France and UK.
We would like to satisfy the customer needs and we want the customer to have a choice of variety.
Hot Stamping Foil
Our foil is versatile. We have metallic and pearl foil.
It can be stamped on many kinds of paper UV, OPP laminated papers, printed, Smooth, Rough surfaces.
It works well on folding cartons, labels, greeting cards and etc.
We have many grades of plastic foils. We have high specification foil from Japan. However,
we also have the universal high heat resistance and excellent adhesion from Korea.
They both work well on all kinds of plastics.
This foil is special made for furniture and picture frame industries.
The foil can be anti scratch.
It’s very durable. We have over 200 designs for you to choose.
Matt and Gloss Pigment Foil
We have the best pigment foil from Milford Australia.
It works well on all kinds of applications e.g., clothes, paper and plastic.
We have over 24 colors to choose.
Holographic Film and Foil
We have over 30 designs and over 6 colors.
Pattern and color matching service is also available.
Date Coding Foil
We proud to present the best grade foil from Australia.
It works well on many kinds of materials with the low temperature.
Medical Product
We also provode foil that suitable for medical and healthcare customer.
Our hot stamping foil can be applied on blood tube , tubing and syringes and blood bags, etc
Cards Product
We can offer you a scratch off foil, Indent foil, Signature panel and tipping foils.
We can supply a complete range of superior quality foils for the card manufacturing and personalization industries
Cold Foils
Cold Foils
This series of foils requires no heated die.
Requires application in conjunction with a free-radical cold foiling adhesive which is UV activated.

This is a good alternative to hot stamping foil, providing more variety for different product range.